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Matthew Berry's New Book Brings Fantasy and Reality!!

Written by Anthony Mulvihill on Wednesday, 09 October 2013. Posted in Back Sports Page Book Reviews, Football, Featured

Matthew Berry's New Book Brings Fantasy and Reality!!

We have all heard the stereotypes before. Fantasy sports…nerdy. Reading books…nerdy.  So what do we think about reading a book about fantasy sports? Well, two wrongs absolutely DO make a good write. In one of the more interesting viewpoints of friendship and camaraderie, ESPN Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst Matthew Berry hit a homerun with his New York Times bestselling book “Fantasy Life: The Outrageous, Uplifting, and Heartbreaking World of Fantasy Sports from the Guy Who's Lived It.”


Matthew not only captures the essence of why we so passionately follow sports but also grasps the true meaning of why fantasy sports have become so popular among the 35 million Americans who played in 2013. Sure, we all love that feeling when our “sleeper” has a breakout game and gives us the credibility to feel like a real-life GM for the day. Or when your team squeaks out a win against your friend who was talking smack the entire week leading up to his eventual letdown.

But neither of these things would be enjoyable without the basic principle of every fantasy league: fun. Berry completely understands that and does an incredible job of molding together his very unorthodox career choices, life decisions and fantasy memories into an upbeat and compelling collection of fantasy sports chronicles.

“Fantasy Life” has a little bit of everything, even for the non-fantasy fans. Personally, my favorite part(s) came within the story itself where Matthew outlined his entire career path starting from a curious college student all the way to becoming the face of fantasy sports. TMR (The Talented Mr. Roto, as Berry likes to call himself) courageously defied all doubters, including himself, to focus on an unknown career within a fantasy sports “game” that was up and coming but far from certain.

In a riveting fashion Berry explains the gregarious energy of this booming business and the reason why it will only continue to grow. While fantasy sports are just a fun aspect of our being, Berry owes his life to this game and it’s easy to sense his gratitude in every page of the book. From the quick and easy to read chapters to the emotion and humor within each story, my inner nerd was quickly exposed as I was unable to put this book down. Well, except to set my fantasy baseball lineup.

About the Author

Anthony Mulvihill

Anthony Mulvihill, born and raised in NJ, chose to stray from the usual pattern of choosing local teams. As a fan of the Detroit Lions, Oklahoma City Thunder (formerly Seattle), Atlanta Braves, Syracuse Orange (basketball) and the New Jersey Devils, he was forced to frequent many different sports websites and writers throughout his childhood in order to follow his alliances.
     Anthony used this experience, along with his passion for sports, to pursue a career in Sports Management after attending Rutgers University. Currently working as an assistant for a certified NFL and NBA agent, Anthony has worked for both the New Jersey Devils and the New York Red Bulls of MLS.
     Anthony has extensive experience in the world of fantasy sports, particularly football and baseball.

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