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Does Ray Rice Deserve Another Chance in the NFL?

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Back Sports Page Question of The Day 12/10

Does Ray Rice Deserve Another Chance in the NFL?

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Should Ray Rice Receive a Second Chance in the NFL?


Ashley Mayle (Back Sports Page): Absolutely not! No explanation needed but I will humor you. His actions were disgusting to say the least. His behavior is intolerable and for the NFL to accept him back to the game would be in poor taste. The fact that his wife Janay Rice has defended his actions is unbelievable! It is safe to say that neither are going to be America’s role models any time soon.

Katie Hutchinson (Back Sports Page):I believe he deserves a second chance. I think the rest of the world would feel better about it if he had been charged and served time for his crime, but he can't help that that didn't happen to him, as it did for a Michael Vick. 

Jason Leach (Harlem Times): Ray Rice deserves a chance to be back in the NFL, but the main reason he's not in the NFL is because of the lack of production in his final year and most teams have 2 or 3 quality running backs

Steve Saunders(Back Sports Page):We're dealing a lot with ethics this week, aren't we? I don't think Goodell is the man to direct the moral compass of our society. If anyone gets a second chance, everyone gets a second chance

Jason Sanzari (Back Sports Page): Absolutely, 100 percent without a shadow of a doubt, should Ray Rice get another chance in the NFL. The whole Rice situation was a complete mess that was handled totally the wrong way. Yes, what Rice did to his then-fiance was despicable and you should never strike a woman, but to practically go on a witch hunt and burn Rice at the stake is a bit much. The punishment that Rice received in no way, shape or form fit the crime. Especially after the video footage was released later on. Rice was fitted with a two-game suspension for a situation that the league and the Ravens knew about. Then all of a sudden because a video surfaced, of the exact same situation that was known, the Ravens release Rice and the NFL suspends him indefinetly. It was the same crime, yet he got two seperate punishments for it.

Simply put, Rice received too harsh of a punishment and has been practically ignored by almost all NFL teams. The NFL has players that have been accused of murder, vehicular manslaughter, and running illegal dog fighting operations, not to mention countless others that have multiple offenses of violations of league policies, yet the league chose to crucify Rice. And even with the unjust punishment Rice received, he still took it in stride, apologized, showed remorse, married his fiance, and looked to improve himself physically so he could earn a chance to show the world he has changed for the better and improved himself. Yet it seems everyone just has this blind hatred for Rice and blackballed him from the league. I mean if the world can forgive someone like Chris Brown for mushing in Rihanna's face, why can't we forgive Rice?

Ryan Morik (Beast of the East Sports):Ray Rice is a nice guy who made one mistake. He's not like Greg Hardy where he has shown no compassion about the situation at all. The only reason why Rice isn't on a roster is because he cannot play; it's not because of his history. His play doesn't make him deserve it, but his history should not matter.

Scott Thompson (Beast of the East Sports): Simply put: Yes. I am not condoning domestic violence in anyway. I strongly feel, however, that there should be a line drawn in the sand between personal life and work life. The Ray Rice incident will forever go down in history as one of the biggest stories blown out of proportion by media outlets. He is a public figure, but what happened after the incident with his wife (they were married after the incident by the way) cost Ray Rice any chance of him playing football again. The incident is over with, the Rice’s are happy and have learned from what happened, and it is time for Rice to get back to playing the game he loves.

Nicole Monique (That's What She Said Sports) Yes – if Greg Hardy can put on a Cowboy jersey every Sunday then Ray Rice deserves to put on a jersey too.  Yes Ray Rice had the video that to this day makes me sick.  There is no excuse – you don’t hit a woman – period. But if his wife (who was his fiancé at the time in the video can forgive him) who am I to say he doesn’t deserve another chance.  He has the right to earn a living and to change the story line of his life.  Ray Rice should not be the poster child of domestic violence and by playing in the NFL he can change that.  I think teams to not even look at him are extremely hypocritical and at right now some teams could really use him.

JD Mowery (Back Sports Page): Here's the thing:  Ray Rice did an awful thing.  His wife has forgiven him and he has done a great deal to make things more publicly known with domestic violence.  I think he's served his time and he deserves a second chance.

Matt Berkson (Back Sports Page):This is very similar to Tuesday's question about allowing a player to return to his sport after a penalty has been served.  With Ray Rice he's almost in his own category given that he's basically become the poster-boy for domestic abuse. While what he did is simply horrendous and has no place in the world much less a sport, it is hard to keep Rice from the NFL since he wasn't even prosecuted by the law.  That said if I was NFL commissioner, I would like to see some real forgiveness from Rice along with steps like counseling to show he's trying to improve himself as a person.  I wouldn't simply accept Rice, or any player, back into a sport because time has passed.  You want to believe that they have improved themselves and the second chance they are getting is one they won't mess up again.

Matt Berka (Back Sports Page): To a certain extent, it would seem logical to make the argument that If Greg Hardy deserved another chance, Ray Rice does too. I think it’s ridiculous that Greg Hardy (after a pitiful 4 game suspension) is in the NFL right now and Ray Rice is not. Rice has been the poster-child for turning things around and striving to make amends and a better self. See ESPN’s Matt Eisenberg’s opinion piece for explanation on this. He truly seems sorry for what he did. He seems bent on growing as an individual. He seems determined to make his negative experience positively impact others. He seems desperate to once again be a good force for the league he once played for, either on the field or in an office. Rice has also served a considerable amount of time out of the league. Despite the fact that these things are great and Rice should be commended for them, Rice does not automatically have the right for a second chance in the NFL. It could very well be the case that no team wants him or thinks that he deserves a roster spot because of what he has done; if so, these are the consequences of his actions and he’ll have to live with that. Do I think that Ray Rice deserves or has the right to another chance to play football? No. But do I think that it would be okay for a team to sign him? Yes.

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