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Did MMA take over the popularity that Boxing has lost?

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Back Sports Page Question of The Day 12/12

Did MMA take over the popularity that Boxing has lost?

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Did MMA take over the popularity that Boxing has lost?

Ashley Mayle (Back Sports Page):This certainly seems to have been the trend for the past decade. Consumers want immediate and guaranteed access to the entertainment they desire. Why watch a 12 round boxing match when you can watch a 3 round mixed martial arts fight and get exactly what you would expect? Boxing has been a dying sport. Boxing fans usually consist of die hards, those with strong cultural roots to the sport, and those thar are endeared to its art. Take the Mayweather and Paciao fight for example. Fans were expecting full fledge exchanges for 12 rounds. The latest Rousey fight is exactly why the tables have turned; entertaining and impactful fights with story lines in half the time. 

Nicole Monique (TWSSS.com):YES. YES. YES. Until we get a heavy weight worth talking about – I will be over here enjoying the latest fight in the octagon.

Ryan Morik (Beast of the East Sports):MMA gained popularity, but I don't think MMA stole any of boxing's popularity. People who have always loved boxing HATE MMA. People who love MMA know that it started from boxing. MMA has not stolen any of boxing's popularity, it just has gained its own

Scott Thompson(Beast Of the East Sports): Without a doubt. The rapid growth of MMA has brought this new fighting powerhouse to Pay Per-View that people just want to watch over boxing nine times out of ten. There is more action, different finishing moves, and of course, the hunt or be hunted nature of superstars like Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey that makes for great TV. Boxing has turned into a defensive game of chess in the ring unlike the haymakers seen from Ali and Frazier back in the day. MMA is just too hot and entertaining for boxing to keep let alone gain popularity in the future. - 

JD Mowery (Back Sports Page):MMA has taken wrestling popularity and boxing popularity.  I wouldn't see it live but joe Rogan makes it worth it.

Jay Sanzari (Back Sports Page):It's a fact that boxing has lost a lot of fans and without a doubt those fans migrated and upgraded to MMA. It's no surprise really. People change, societies evolve and different things become appealing while other things come off as boring. Why would you just watch two guys punch and jab with heavily padded gloves at each other when you could watch two fighters incorporate boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and many other fighting styles in one match? The premise alone is more exciting and the fights oftentimes prove my point.

Another point as to why MMA is more popular now is because all the major stars are in that sport. Any household in America these days are more likely to name you five MMA fighters than five boxers. Boxing just lacks the excitement and star power of MMA, simply put. With that being said, they did have a chance to win a massive amount of fans back when Floyd Mayweather finally stopped ducking Manny Pacquaio and agreed to finally fight him and they blew that opportunity possible singlehandedly thanks to Maywather's camp. 

Mayweather v. Pacquaio was a fight that should have happened years earlier, but due to the horrendous way boxing matches are booked these days, the fight got delayed and delayed and canceled and then brought back and then delayed and then delayed again. And then when the fight happened and the millions and millions watched an actual boxing event, we got a snooze fest from Floyd where he proceeded to run away from a hurt Pacquiao and then won on a decision based on the severely flawed scoring system in boxing. That match alone probably turned off all casual fans that boxing may have had a chance of winning back. So to sum it up, boxing needs a complete overhaul if they want to contend with the growing sport of MMA. Something tells me though it might be too late.

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