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Do the Recent Allegations Against Peyton Manning change your Opinion on his Legacy and What he has Done for the Game of Football?

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Peyton oh Peyton!!

Do the Recent Allegations Against Peyton Manning change your Opinion on his Legacy and What he has Done for the Game of Football?

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Eric Webb: The recent allegations against Peyton Manning don't change my opinion on his legacy and what he has done for football. In my opinion what's he's done statistically during his time in the NFL has solidified his place in the NFL Hall of Fame, and that doesn't have any relation to recent allegations that haven't even been proven. Also if these allegations turn out to be true, the only reason we would let them affect our opinion of him is because the media has built an image of Peyton as a saint. Going off of that it's important to remember Oscar Wilde once said "Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future."

Steve Saunders: Nope, I've been talking about that since like 2010. Old news lol

Ashley Mayle: Yes it does. It seems that he has lived a lie his entire professional football career. He should be ashamed of that if he is of the high moral character he claims to be. But he has lived with ruining another person’s professional career while his soared. He has gone on living his “good moral standing” while defaming the reputation of another. He was lucky this missed going viral as Facebook and Twitter did not exist yet. Unless you had purchased his book, most of us are just now hearing about this unfortunate incident. This puts a dim light on his “riding off into the sunset” after Super Bowl 50.

Matt Berkson:This is a tough one. I would say not yet, but we need to see how fan down the rabbit hole this goes. It's still too early to know how much we're going to find out. If it doesn't get any more involved/worse than we've heard thus far then Peyton's legacy won't be any different than it was when he walked off the field for the last time.

I think the most noteworthy thing about these allegations is when they came to light. We're talking about events that may/may not have happened literally 20 years ago. That's half of Peyton's life. Now they're going to come out literally days after the end of his football career? To me that reeks of one of two things:

Someone is trying to destroy/tarnish Peyton's football legacy. Peyton did something wrong back in 1996 and someone did a very good job of covering it up to protect his on the field image.

In either case something is sour here and it's another sad example that our sports heroes aren't as squeaky clean as we'd like to believe.

Jason Leach: It doesn't change Peyton's legacy on the field as one of the best quarterbacks of all-time, but his squeaky clean image will be gone for good if these allegations prove to be true. Based on the information we know as of right now the trainer's version of what happened is more believable.

Randy Zellea: Peyton Manning’s career is not defined by a situation that happened before he became a pro. Like most things that have illegally happen to athletes, money pushed it out of the way. In college you do stupid things and this was well… stupid. They handled it by throwing money at it and settled.

If this woman really wanted to make these huge issues and take Peyton down she wouldn’t have settled. Since then Peyton has a successful career and has a great foundation. The trainer sounds like she ran out of money and now wants to slander Peyton’s name. Can’t help but feel sorry for her… if she was fighting a cause she would have not settled.

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