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In the aftermath of Another Poor Performance Should the Bengals fire Marvin Lewis?

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 In the aftermath of Another Poor Performance Should the Bengals fire Marvin Lewis?

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In the aftermath of last weekend's Wildcard Playoffs, should the Bengals fire Marvin Lewis?

David Magnino (Back Sports Page): I think the Bengals absolutely need to fire Marvin Lewis. Unfortunately for them with most of the top level candiates are already signed and I don't think they want to turn to a secondary candidate. Tom Coughlin would be a good choice, but I don't think that's a situation he wants to get involved with at 70 years old after coming out of one of the more professional franchises. Josh McDaniels could be a candidate if they believe in him, but the Pats projected deep playoff run could hinder that.

Seth Kamens (Back Sports Page):Nope. Cincy would never fire someone under contract - way too cheap of a franchise. Should they - probably not. Despite his abysmal playoff record, he is the best coach in their history.

Ashley Mayle(Back Sports Page):Although there can be some arguments made in the firing of Lewis, I am in favor of Cincinnati sticking with him. The lack of discipline and control of his players has been evident and even more so in last weeks wildcard game. In Lewis's 7 years in Cincinnati he has yet to win a playoff game, but they make the playoffs consistently. They play in what has arguably been the toughest division in the NFL within the past 5 years; and they win. Dalton's growth was evident this year, as was AJ Green's along with several other young players. He is a player's coach and they love playing for him. Marvin will get past this and use it as motivation to drive this team into the second round next year.

Matt Berkson (Back Sports Page):The Bengals should have fired Marvin Lewis a long time ago, but he's like a better version of Jeff Fisher – I think there's a better chance of him retiring then his team firing him. That said for me the #1 most important thing that determines a team's success or failure is ownership…And unfortunately for Bengals' fans they have one of the worst in Mike Brown. It's amazing how truly talented the Bengals roster is, and has been over the past few seasons, and yet they always falls short when it counts in the playoffs. To me that reeks of a lack of mental toughness and intelligence, which I think we all saw perfectly on display in last week's complete meltdown to the Steelers. There is a culture of losing permeating throughout the Bengals organization and I blame Mike Brown for that. Until he turns over control to a competent front office (not sure he has the brains to hire such a staff), or sells the team outright, I'm not sure what Bengals fans can expect from their team when from the owner, to the front office, to the coaches, to the players, there is a lack of mental fortitude that will get them reach their potential, propel them to playoff wins, and hopefully a Super Bowl victory.

Essentially with Mike Brown in change and Marvin Lewis as coach…Given the resume they've built as playoff chokers in the past decade, if changes aren't made why would anyone expect any different in the future? They shouldn't.

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