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Looking at this Weekend's NFL Playoffs Matchup, Which Road Teams Have the Best Chance of Winning and Why?

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 Looking at this Weekend's NFL Playoffs Matchup, Which Road Teams Have the Best Chance of Winning and Why?

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Looking at this weekend's NFL Playoffs matchup, which road teams have the best chance of winning and why?

Jason Leach (Harlem Times): I believe the Seahawks have the best chance to pull off the upset this week. They have championship experience and all of the pressure is on the Seahawks to get to the Super Bowl after a 15-1 regular season. When the Seahawks and Panthers play the game is usually decided in the final moments. I think the Seahawks defense will limit the Panthers passing game, and if Johnathan Stewart isn't close to 100% the Panthers running game will struggle. Cam Can't do it all by himself this week. Seahawks win 17-13

Randy Zellea (Back Sports Page): I love KC. Alex Smith is a great game managing QB and will try and keep their momentum going. Ten in a row is nothing to sneeze at.Seattle has something to prove now that they could win three on the road to return back to the SuperBowl.

Matt Berkson (Back Sports Page):Let's start with the road playoff team that has the worst chance of winning this weekend…The Green Bay Packers. They just got slaughtered 38-8 in the very same game just on December 27th, and the team is no better than they were then. People are saying they got their "mojo" back vs the Redskins, but the Redskins' pass D this year gave a lot of teams their mojo for one game. The talent level and mental state of the Cardinals vs the Packers is too great for the Packers to overcome, and I fully expect they will lose again this Sunday.

As for the other three games, I think all three road teams have a decent shot at the upset. The most surprising might be the Chiefs over the Patriots because of what we expect from the Patriots each playoff season. That said if you look on paper the Pats have lots of holes right now starting with their offensive line, and that plays right into the hands of the Chiefs D, which is playing as well as any D over the past few weeks. Alex Smith just needs to be himself, which is to say to not turn the ball over and be opportunistic on offense, and the Chiefs absolutely have a good shot of pulling off the upset. I'd feel better about them if Maclin plays, but Smith was able to use his other WR's last week vs a good Texans defense so all might not be lost.

The Broncos vs the Steelers is hard to call right now because Pittsburgh has three major cogs injured: Roethlisberger, D'Angelo Williams, and Antonio Brown. Clearly if all three don’t play, or can't play anywhere near 100%, you can understand how that can/would affect their chances of winning in Denver. If they can all play and play well, then their offense, more than maybe any other in the league, has the talent to overcome the Broncos staunch D.

As for the Seahawks/Panthers…It would be surprising to me if this game was decided by more than one score. Both teams are so insanely close in talent and execution and that has played out when they faced each other the last few times. Need proof? Other than a last game pick-6 by the Seahawks at home in last year's playoffs, in the last four meetings between the Seahawks and Panthers the game was decided by 4, 5, 4, and 4 points. It doesn't get much closer and more consistent than that, and you can expect most of the same this Sunday. One big play last in the game will probably be the difference.

Seth Kamens (Back Sports Page):KC - having won 11 in a row and NE is beaten up....or Seattle because of their big game experience and an overall wariness on Carolina.

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