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Should Other Sports Leagues Adopt the NFL Salary Cap Where Contracts Are Not Guaranteed?

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Should Other Sports Leagues Adopt the NFL Salary Cap Where Contracts Are Not Guaranteed?

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Should other sports league adopt the NFL salary cap where contracts are not guaranteed?

Ashley Mayle (Back Sports Page):An emphatic Yes!! I have always been a fan of holding a player accountable for his contract. NFL contracts are funny. The organization/team can negotiate a lucrative contract with just about any player, but from my understanding of how it works, is that the player is only guaranteed the signing bonus and the year played. Take for example a player who signs a 8-year, 80 million dollar contract with a 10 million dollar signing bonus. The player is only guranateed the 10 million dollar signing bonus and the base pay for the year played, almost everything else would be performance-based incentives. So if he is cut, he only gets the signing bonus and the money for the year played. This holds the player accountable to play up to his contract. This system may seem more biased or favored for teams rather than players, but these players are getting paid millions. This would make a sizable difference in other sports, particularly in the NBA.

JD Mowery (Back Sports Page):Well if that's the case, I'm sure that the players unions would have to look after the NFLPA for some guidance. I also don't think the NHL will EVER get to that point. The average salary is mere pittance in comparison to the other major 4. Baseball would change completely...and if salary cap did occur the Yankees, Red Sox, and Dodgers would be in a heap of trouble.

Ryan Stern (Back Sports Page):I think you would get the most out of players of their contracts weren't guaranteed, but in an age of crazy free agency, there will be even less of a chance at a team retaining a consistent identity. This is one topic where I understand each side's argument and agree with anything they would say to defend themselves.

Jason Leach (Harlem Times):No if anything I believe the NFL should have contracts guaranteed like other sports. The NFL has the most risk of injuries and the players aren't protecting from being cut

Jeff Jarrett (GFW Wrestling):I see both sides. But, when you look at all the leagues, the NFL is by far the most profitable. It’s hard to argue with that success but, I”m sure some basketball and baseball players would really disagree with you!

Matt Berkson (Back Sports Page): I don't know how the nFL got away negotiating non-guaranteed contracts into their CBA with their players, but it is a great thing and all sports leagues should adopt it. Let's be honest…Most all athletes are overpaid as it is (especially baseball players), so it would be nice to know that for those who don't always give 100% their feet will be held to the fire each and every season if they don't live up to their contract.

The NFL has a great system now where signing bonuses are paid right away so that players get a huge portion of their contract immediately offsetting the fact that they might get cut and not see the full value of the contract later. While I absolutely see the merit of two parties sticking to their word and honoring both sides of any contract, there's not much worse in sports than a player who gets paid and then doesn't give the same amount of effort as he did prior to receiving his big contract.

For those of us who have regular jobs (and personally I work 100% off commission), we are all motivated to earn the best living we can for ourselves and our families. And I think it's a fantastic idea to always keep pro athletes as motivated as possible. As long as their production continues the contract they signed then they have nothing to worry about in terms of seeing its fully value.

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