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Which Sport Gives You The Best Live Experience and Why?

on Tuesday, 06 December 2016. Posted in Back Sport s Page Question Of The Day!

Back Sports Page Question Of the Day!!

Which Sport Gives You The Best Live Experience and Why?

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Here is Today's Question:

Which Sport Gives You The Best Live Experience and Why?

Katie Hutchinson (Back Sports Page): My favorite sport to see Live is football, especially home games at Ravens stadium. Between the music, the chants, everyone standing up cheering, high-fiving, the food and drinks, the cheerleaders - I just love the high energy of a football game at home.

Ryan Mitchell (Back Sports Page): Best Live Experience – (of the four majors) Hockey

Eric Webb Back Sports Page): The sport that gives me the best live experience is basketball. The reason I say this is because of the flashiness that can take place on each and every play. Whether it be a crossover, a step back three or a dunk all of them are very exciting in addition to the universally exciting things that take place in every sport (game winner, overtime, close games, etc.)

Ryan Morik (Beast Of The East Sports): I think at a peak live experience, nothing is better than a playoff hockey game. Hockey may not be the most popular sport in the country, but the fans are without a doubt the most passionate. The same goes for the players. They celebrate every goal like it was the biggest goal they have scored. Playoff hockey is the best, period.

Matt Berkson (Back Sports Page): Well if you’re talking about the experience other than the actual sport then it’s baseball is your winner. I went to a Mets’ game and saw a longer line for Shake Shack than for one in Manhattan. The good news is that baseball is so boring that it allows you plenty of time to wait in line without concern of missing anything.

As for the best experience in terms of the sport itself, I would go with hockey. It’s not a sport native to this country so many here haven’t given it a try, but I could understand why it would be difficult/less exciting to watch on TV. However if you haven’t ever seen a hockey game live, I encourage you to do so – Most specifically playoff hockey.

The truth is that, much like the NBA, the NHL regular season isn’t that valuable. However once the Stanley Cup Playoffs arrive, the energy/excitement is on another level. What so great about hockey that other sports cannot claim is that the clock is only moving when there is play. Therefore throughout the full 60 minutes of game time there is always action going on.

All that said, take my word for it and go see a Stanley Cup Playoff game in any city. Some are better than others, but all are intensely exciting and I would argue more exciting than the Super Bowl as all the fans in the arena are very into it.

Bill Keagle (Back Sports Page): The NHL, the constant action, speed and proximity to the ice coupled with the threat of scoring at all times. Where as the NFL is more meticulous and baseball is very slow. Haven't been to a live NBA game so unable to speak that experience. <pAnthony Zurita (Back Sports Page): The best live experience is football. Hearing the crowd go wild after a big hit or great catch is a great experience to be part of. A close second I think would be soccer. The chants that are being sung throughout the game are clever and catchy and the collective roar of a crowd when an important goal is scored can shake the stadium.

Danielle McCartan (Back Sports Page): The best live experience belongs to either football or hockey. Both games are fast-paced, with limited downtime and have, for the most part (barring overtime), a predictable end time. The change of possession in both sports is fast-paced and unpredictable, thus creating an intense atmosphere for the spectators. Referees only sometimes dictate the speed and course of the game whereas, in sports like baseball and basketball, they seem to have as great a role as the players and coaches involved in the contest.

Scott Thompson (Beast of the East Sports): Sunday: Watching a live football game is unlike any live sporting event. The fans exude the adrenaline and drive as the players on the field. It is almost like you are on the field with the players as every down, every yard means something. Don’t believe me? Go see a game at any

SEC stadium, or my personally favorite, Beaver Stadium at Penn State and you will know what I’m talking about. Basketball, baseball and even hockey gets boring as it is consistent throughout most of the game. Football is constantly changing whether it is a big sack on third down, a fourth down conversion or a pick-six. Anything could happen on any given down or drive making it suspenseful. Come to think of it, football on TV is better than some sports live.

Nicole Monique (That's What She Says Sports): Going to a WNBA and/or NBA game is great live – you feel closer to the athletes playing and the energy from the crowd is always a treat. I like NFL games but they are so big in scale it is so much easier (and sometimes safer) to watch them at home.

Steve Saunders (Back Sports Page): If you were to ask me in the nineties, I would say baseball or football but in the modern day when the real fans have been priced out of tickets and people sit during games (and demand others do the same) proper sports experiences just aren't on offer in this country. Association football aka soccer with its home and away support sections and rabid, loud, sometimes violent fans singing in unison in full voice for 90 minutes is hands down the greatest love experience in sport. I'll take it one step further visit a pub like the Fox and Hound during an Arsenal match when the LA Gooners are in full force and you'll have a televised viewing experience like no other Ted Hicks: Hands down -- NHL live experience is second to none. If you haven't attended an NHL game -- please do so.....nuff said. (Disclaimer: This does NOT include the Barclays Center!) :-)

Heck, even try AHL!!!

Steve Spanop (Back Sports Page): Sports are big parts of many people’s daily lives. Live sports are not always solely about the sport itself as much it revolves around the experience. Baseball is always a fun experience; the ballpark dog, pretzels, beer are all a part of the experience with more delicious food that was not even mentioned. Coming from the stance of a Yankee fan there is always so much to see at the park besides the game; the history behind the franchise is something to look for like, Monument Park and the various different historic activities available. All in all its might be a better view from the couch but there is nothing like sitting with thousands of other people that cheer for the same team you are cheering for and sharing that experience with them. With that being said Baseball like many sports are suffering with drops in ratings, and as the younger generations emerge as the majority, ratings will continue to drop if many sports not only Baseball don’t do something about attracting the new young exquisite minds.

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