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With the NFL Playoffs set, do you have an interest in the remaining Teams if your Team is Eliminated?

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 With the NFL Playoffs set, do you have an interest in the remaining Teams if your Team is Eliminated?

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With the NFL Playoffs set, do you have an Interest in the Remaining Teams if your Team is Eliminated?

Ashley Mayle (Back Sports Page):Yes I do have an interest. No matter what the competition is, I always want to see a battle to the finish!

Jason Leach (Harlem Times): I always look forward to the NFL playoffs even though my Giants have missed the playoffs 4 years in a row

Ryan Morik(Beast Of the East Sports):Of course there is interest. The playoffs are where magic happens in every sport. This is where history is made; the playoffs separates the men from the boys. Yo can definitely count on me watching the NFL Playoffs, despite the Giants not being in them

Scott Thompson (Beast of the East Sports):football is football to me, but playoff football is even better. It doesn't matter if your team isn't in. The thrill of watching teams battle in a win or go home matchup makes for great TV. This year's teams all have potential to make it to the big game in Frisco, so I'll be watching every game because football is football

Matt Berkson (Back Sports Page):Well my team (Seahawks) is very much alive in the playoffs so hard for me to answer now, but I can say that my interest in the average playoff game will wane once they are eliminated. At that point it becomes more about rooting against teams I like than for anyone. Given the standard the Seahawks have set the last few seasons and the team they currently have, not reaching the Super Bowl would be disappointing even though the Panthers and Cardinals are better teams. That said as long as the Seahawks are alive I will clear my schedule no matter what is going on to make sure I catch all of their playoff games. I cannot say the same thing for any other playoff game. While I will most certainly watch, my interest level will be much lower and if I miss a game altogether then I would be find with that.

Randy Zellea (Back Sports Page): The NFL Playoffs are always fun to watch because there is so much on the line. Always more fun when it is your team in the hunt but either way the win or go home mentality is so much fun.

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