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Would you be open to Pro Sports leagues having on demand networks similar to what the WWE has developed?

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Would you be open to Pro Sports leagues having on demand networks similar to what the WWE has developed?

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Would you be open to Pro Sports leagues having on demand networks similar to what the WWE has developed? (streaming live programs, Original programs and games archives available on demand)

Randy Zellea (Back Sports Page):I love the idea of having an on demand style channel for the individual sports leagues as it will give the opportunity for new original programming as well as the opportunity to watch historic games when you want to watch them.

This also creates jobs for production and gives opportunity to be on air. Also makes you a crap load of money. I think it is a winning situation if presented in the right way.

Scott Thompson (Beast of the East Sports): I don't think it would be viable for professional sports organizations to use an on demand platform for their teams/leagues. There is already enough wide spread coverage from various media outlets. The Big Four (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL) all have their own networks comprised of content that an on demand network would offer including some archived games that's are replayed for fans who want to reminisce. Then, you have ESPN, CBS Sports, etc. who also cover the sports world daily. On Demand would be a waste of time for these leagues because it would be money spent on something that already happen daily on other outlets.

Jason Leach (Harlem Times): I don't think that would be necessary because the major sports have their own network already. The NFL has the NFL Network and the NBA has the League pass. Plus I get all I need from watching ESPN.

Matt Berkson (Back Sports Page): Sure – I'm open to anything and would love to have access to as much content as possible. My primary interest is always being able to see live games wherever I may be, so if the NFL, NHL, or another league gave me more options than I currently have then I view that only as positive. Now the bigger question is…How much would they charge for these on-demand services, because while having more content is good, if the price is extreme then at some point it wouldn't be worth it to me/the consumer to purchase.

Ryan Morik (Beast Of the East Sports ): I would love if pro leagues had their own channels with archived games. I enjoy watching highlights of old games that I went to, but sometimes, it is impossible to find the entire game on the internet. Having archived footage on a league channel would be awesome.

Eric Webb (Back Sports Page) definitely because there are plenty of documentaries that could be done for on demand programming. Also replaying more games would help out people playing fantasy sports.

Ashley Mayle (Back Sports Page): I would be completely open to Pro Sports leagues having on demand networks. Although financially it might be a better move for some rather than others. For example, the NFL and the English Premier League (soccer) would greatly benefit from this. The NHL or MLB having on demand networks would be circumstantial based on a variety of contributing factors with regards to its potential success. There is a lot that goes into on demand networks and Pro Sports Leagues, most importantly the consumer representation and the target locale for that specific sport.

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