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BSP Question Of The Day 12/8

on Tuesday, 08 December 2015. Posted in Commentary, Back Sport s Page Question Of The Day!, In the Business

Should athletes who have been convicted of a crime be allowed to play pro sports after their penalty is served?

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BSP Question Of The Day 12/8

Every Week Back Sports Page asks Five Questions to staff and experts. The questions and answers are posted throughout this week on This week we put the focus around the world of sports!! Check out BSP for this week’s questions

This week we have multiple Back Sports Page Contributors to give their insights to our questions.  

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the NBA Off Season: The Top Three of Each Category!!

Written by Randy Zellea on Wednesday, 05 August 2015. Posted in Commentary, Randy Zellea, Basketball

Looking Back At The Crazy Off Season!!

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the NBA Off Season: The Top Three of Each Category!!

The NBA Draft is the unofficial start of the new NBA season and so far the new season has been full of excitement. Free agency was filled with twists, turns and deception (did I use that word in the sports world?) and excitement. Players moved, Players stayed and now with the movement done let’s take a quick look back at the Good Bad and Ugly of the NBA Offseason. 

Jorge Posada

on Wednesday, 13 April 2011. Posted in Commentary

Recently Back Sports Page attended the Jorge Posada Foundation Partnership Press Conference where he and Grammy awarding winning artists Wisin & Yande. We will have a full report, pictures, and video coming soon.

OKC Thunder: The Future Is Now

on Tuesday, 08 March 2011. Posted in Commentary


The Oklahoma City Thunder are poised to give the Lakers a run for their money in the Western Conference.

That’s not a bold statement; it’s an understatement. Last summer, Kenny Smith declared Kevin Durant to be one of the top three players in the NBA. Now that’s a bold statement.


The NBA Fan Experience

on Wednesday, 02 March 2011. Posted in Commentary

If you have read any of my previous articles, you know how much I enjoy the game of basketball and the NBA in particular. I enjoy fantasy basketball; attend a few games a year and even thought about purchasing the NBA League Pass, so you KNOW I’m legit. However, last night I had the opportunity to go to an NBA game and left a bit upset.

I attended the Phoenix Suns/New Jersey Nets game at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The game was an overtime thriller and one of the best I have ever attended. The game had a little bit of everything; included a few SportsCenter Top Plays, future Hall-of-Famer Steve Nash fouling a 3 point shooter to let the Nets tie the game at the end of regulation, Beyonce and Jay Z in the building and Deron Williams’ first home game as a Net. Despite this, once again the NBA and the Nets did themselves in.

This is the 2nd Nets game that I have attended this year. For both games, I purchased my ticket on Stubhub. I have been fairly pleased with Stubhub, mainly because I buy cheap tickets for games people do not wish to attend. My seat for last night’s game was $10 and I sat in section 112, row 3. Section 112 was in the upper tier, equivalent to the 300 section in Madison Square Garden and the 200 sections in the IZOD Center. The face value of this seat is $66, which is absolutely insane! For that subpar seat, 1 season ticket (41 home games) would cost $2,706, not including the preseason! That does not include parking and food, which is my next point.

Parking is a concern at any sporting event. Most of the spots are far from the stadium, too expensive and impossible to leave. Last night was no different. When I attended the 1st game, parking was a reasonable $15. The fact I think $15 is reasonable for parking is absurd, but that’s another story. However, since the Nets realized the arena would be practically full due to the debut of Deron Williams, they charged $25 for the same exact parking! I understand there are economy-related issues , but the Nets expected a big crowd and all but 500 tickets were sold! For a team that has practically no fanbase, increasing parking by $10 is not going to make a good impression.

Though I ate prior to the game, I am a big boy and was hungry again. While my friends enjoyed 4 beers each at $8 a pop, I enjoyed a pretzel, fountain diet coke and a water, which totaled $15. To recap my Monday night, I spent $10 on a ticket (plus 5 dollars for Stubhub fees) $25 dollars for parking (split 4 ways, $7 dollars each) and $15 worth of food. So on a random Monday night with my buddies, we spent close to $300 as a group at a game with two lottery bound teams, poor seats and terrible parking. Some people may not think this is a huge investment, which it may not be, but we are in a recession. The NBA wonders why attendance is down; this is the reason. Prices keep skyrocketing and the owners just do not care. Imagine paying face value for those seats, what a shame. No wonder a lockout is looming.