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Did MMA take over the popularity that Boxing has lost?

on Saturday, 12 December 2015. Posted in Back Sport s Page Question Of The Day!, MMA, Other

Back Sports Page Question of The Day 12/12

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Did MMA take over the popularity that Boxing has lost?

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Manny Vs Floyd

on Monday, 20 April 2015. Posted in Other

Keys To Mayweather vs. Pacquiao and Prediction

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Manny Vs Floyd

The Super Bowl of boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Manny Pacquiao, is almost here. After over five years of waiting and hoping, the fight is finally upon us. This fight will easily set records for pay per view buys, and the winner will be declared the best fighter of their era. Here are the keys to the fight for both men: Keys For Mayweather • Stay off the ropes – Sometimes,

Mayweather can get too defensive when he’s on the ropes which allow his opponents to outwork him and steal rounds. Mayweather has a five inch reach advantage, so he needs to keep the fight in middle of the ring and use his jab and straight right hands to fully utilize his reach advantage. • Work the body - It’s not often that Mayweather is the bigger man in the ring, but that will be the case on May 2nd. So, his body punches should have more of an effect on Pacquiao than some of his recent opponents.

It’s been awhile since Mayweather’s faced a speedy opponent such as Pacquaio, and attacking Pacquiao’s body will slow him down in the mid to late rounds and make him more vulnerable. • Throw the straight right hand often - Mayweather’s straight right hand is his best punch.

It’s also a punch that Pacquiao has been hit with often in his recent fights with Timothy Bradley and Chris Algieri. Mayweather generally connects on 50% or higher with his straight right hands. If he does this again, he’ll be 48-0 on May 2nd.

Keys for Pacquiao- • Stay active- A mistake that many of Mayweather’s opponents make is; they look to find a clear opening before they attack. Mayweather always has defense on his mind and seldom allows a clear opening. Pacquiao needs to throw combinations early and often. Even if his punches are not landing cleanly, the judges might think they are. For his last three fights, Pacquiao has thrown an average of 674 punches.

He’ll need to stay at that activity rate or higher if he plans to win on May 2nd. • Use the counter right hook- When Mayweather throws jabs at Pacquaio’s body, he will leave himself open to be countered by a right hook. If Pacquiao is able to time Mayweather with the right hook, he has a chance to land something big and hurt Mayweather. • Throw feints - It will be difficult for Pacquiao to get inside of Mayweather’s five inch reach.

One way he can do this, is throw feints to try to get Mayweather to react by coming in, which will allow Pacquiao to throw his fast combinations. Prediction: The fighters that have given Mayweather the most trouble have been bigger opponents that have been able to force him to the ropes, and fighters that have a strong stiff jab.

Pacquiao has neither of those attributes, and he has a five inch reach disadvantage. The first few rounds are feel out rounds and will be close. Once Mayweather figures out Pacquiao’s timing, Pacquiao will be in for a long night. Mayweather will win by unanimous decision 117-111, 117- 111, and 116-112.

The Cult of Un-Creativeness: Why Did CM Punk Walk Away?

Written by Jay Sanzari on Tuesday, 29 July 2014. Posted in Wrestling, Other

Jay looks at the Current Landscape of Pro Wrestling!!

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The Cult of Un-Creativeness: Why Did CM Punk Walk Away?

January 26, 2014. The Royal Rumble. We all knew it was the beginning of the Road to WrestleMania, but little did we know it was also the end of The Best in the World. As any wrestling fan knows, I am talking about none other than CM Punk and his decision to walk away from the WWE. But why?

PPV: Helping or Hurting the UFC?

Written by Coach Rich Ruenzi on Friday, 09 March 2012. Posted in MMA, Other

Is the UFC's current distribution model creating more fans than it is driving away?

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PPV:  Helping or Hurting the UFC?

 In several interviews of late, UFC President Dana White has made claims predicting that within ten years, the UFC will be as popular as the NFL and even World Cup soccer. It’s hard to find fault with his reasoning. As Mr. White claims, fighting is something we just “get” at a base level. A knockout or a submission isn’t as hard to explain as say, offsides is in soccer or an illegal pick in football.