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NY Giants Linebacker Spencer Paysinger Teams With Lunar Sports For A Good Cause

Written by Randy Zellea on Tuesday, 09 December 2014. Posted in Football, Foundation Spotlight

Giants Come Out and Support Teammate!!

NY Giants Linebacker Spencer Paysinger Teams With Lunar Sports For A Good Cause

NY Giants linebacker Spencer Paysinger teamed with Lunar Sports Group to help raise money Intensive Therapeutics non profit charitable organization that provided group and individual therapy services to children with autism.


Q) Can you speak about the this event and how you did you decide to work with Lunar Sports on this event?

A) A couple years ago this was Michael Boley's event and he was an amazing bowler and I can not stack up to his bowling score from a few years back, it was like a 279(laughs). They reached out to me asking me if I would like to take over the helm of it, it was touching because my girlfriend has a younger brother who is actually autistic. He is 22 years old, great kid his name is Robert. Just being around him while he was little made me understand how many limitations he has and know how positive he is when he tries to work home through it, it really strikes home with me. When they called me I jumped for it because there isn't a better organization to work with it.

How does it feel to have your teammates come out to support the event?

A)It's Great. Mark Herzlich showed up a little bit before me and some of the other guys came out as well. Just to have my teammates help me give back into the community is special. We are here to help grow awareness, be with the fans and bowl with them is fun for us. This is my first event where my name is on the lights. This is very special to me and I will always remember this night.

Q)How important is it that the Giants players and the organization to support each other for these type of events?

A)I think the Giants do a great job at treating the organization like a family. When guys have events we support them and try to help out as much as we can. We really are a family. When somebody puts something up on the board, you would hear guys say “ I am having something but you don't have to come but if you have some time we really could use the support.” We usually seem to have a good turnout of guys. At the end of the day we are a family and we do what we can to look out for each other.

Q)Favorite sport other then Football?

A)Basketball. I'm from Los Angelas so I am a Lakers fan. They are struggling but still my team

Q)Favorite place to eat in NJ/NY?

A) Cant say favorite place. My girlfriend and I go on Yelp a lot so if we want go try something or go somewhere we usually pick one of the first few on Yelp and its Like Russian Roulette. You never what your going to find. We have found some great place in NJ. We Look to find some of those other places so its been very good.

Q)Favorite sport to play other then football?

A) I actually picked up golf like a year and a half ago. Henery Hynoski, Mark Herzlich and few other guys and I picked up the game. Especially during the spring we went out there and worked at it learning how to play in late afternoon at golf courses. I'm not the best at it but i'm getting better at it. Mark is the best even though Henry would say he is the best at it but he was just as bad as the rest of us.

Q)Who was your biggest influence growing up?

A) Biggest influence growing up was my brother. I actually started playing football growing up because of him. He was five and I was three I wasn't old enough to play flag football but I would go to practices with him and my dad. I would role around and rip the flags of but I wanted to be like him. I wanted to play basketball growing up but over the years football has become very important to me.

Q)Favorite team growing up?

A) I did not have a favorite football team growing up. My family were die hard Raiders fans and they were very big in the 80's. I had some family that loved the 49ers but growing up I learned that my favorite players often jumped teams. I didn't quite understand that and my dad had to explain it to me that the players signed contracts with different teams. As I got older I understood it and I started liking players. I liked Derrick Brooks from the Bucs, Randy Moss from the vikings. I like the players never really liked just one team.

Q)Any messages for Giants fans?

A) Obviously we have had a bad skid. The thing is you wont see us quit and lay down for anybody. We were in there today working on our stuff because we need to get back on track to finish strong and get a win.

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