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BSP Live Blog: Giants-49ers!!

Written by Randy Zellea on Sunday, 11 October 2015. Posted in Football, In the Business

Inside the Media Room!!

BSP Live Blog: Giants-49ers!!

Have you ever wondered what it was like on an NFL game day? How do the announcers prep for the game? What is it like before, during and after the game from the media perspective?  Well be prepared to go behind the curtain of the NFL media center!

 Back Sports Page will be taking you inside Sunday Night Football as we break down the role of the media on game day. Follow Randy Zellea on Backsportspage.com and all of the BSP social media networks  as he will chronicle the media process at MetLife stadium for the 49ers-Giants game on 10/11.

 Pictures will be available through out the day on instagram \and on facebook.. the Back Sports Page accounts!! 

Live Blog:


I have never heard a whole room groan when the Niners just scored. Nobody wants OT. We all discussed the trap game scenario, and that’s what this is, or is it?

The Niners losses are all to playoff teams from last season. So maybe this team is better than we think. They are three seasons removed from a Super Bowl run, so why would a coaching and player departures change all that much.

Odell Beckham Jr. Suffering through Hamstring issues, waiting for more news as his return is questionable.  




Touchdown Giants!!!

Odell Beckham is Special. Scary that this is only his 16th game in the NFL, he is just getting started.

Also with that Touchdown pass Eli Manning has gone over 300 yards passing for the 34th time in his career in the regular season.

I don’t think there is a person in this building that feel the Giants won’t win this game. Didn’t we say that about week’s one and two?

Jon Beason is out with a concussion and it looks like Reggie Bush might be out as well.


Going to the 4th Qtr.


Touchdown Niners!! Kapernick is keeping it interesting. Many here felt this could be a trap game for NY. The scramble works for Colin, well he has no choice he is running for his life.  San Fran is officially keeping it interesting.

General feeling in the media room about the Niners is that the team has a lot of dissention going on behind the scenes. It shows on the field as they look a little disheveled. The team doesn’t want to rebuild but is it worth the team crumbling to start?

They just announced that Eli Manning has passed Kerry Collins for 12th all time on the NFL Passing list. Congrats to Eli, a conversation can still be had about how good he is compared to other QB’s in the league. I still take him over Aaron Rodgers, but I would take Oliva Munn over both of them.


Quick side note: Jamal Charles now out equals my fantasy season being over...



The food update here at Metlife.. Boneless wings were served at halftime!! Yes, Be jealous all..

During the first series after the half a fan wearing a 49ers jersey ran on to the field. Security and the police took him away in cuffs. Never seen that live before and it’s a little scary, and stupid. Why would anyone think running on the field was a good idea?

First half QB breakdown:

Kapernick was 12-17 118 yards

Manning: 21-28 227 yards 1 TD 1 Int


Reggie Bush is questionable for the second half.



Halftime at Metlife Stadium with the Giants leading the 49ers 13-6.

The 49ers look lost on offense as Kapernick continues to run for his life. I hate to see what will happen in the second half if he doesn’t get the help he needs. He is running for his life and I actually fear for him.

Giants Ring of Honor ceremony is at halftime tonight. Being honored will be John Johnson, Chris Snee, Jack Lummus, and Osi Umenyiora. I watched them run through the ceremony, it was pretty damn cool.

By the way if anybody follows the beat writers on Twitter, it’s really fun to watch here in the press room. Everybody is lined up and all the computers are on twitter. Its 25 computers with everyone tweeting, it is a little comical to say the least.

The interception by Manning is his 2nd of the year.


Back after Halftime!!



About four minutes to halftime. Giants up 13-3.

Dwayne Harris has been a great addition to the Giants coming over from Dallas. Since the release of Preston Parker the Giants offense looks to be clicking quite nicely. I am trying to figure out what other positive notes to say about Eli Manning.

He has more rings then his brother, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Russell Wilson, and Joe Flaco. He get a bad rap which is unnessecery. If his last name wasn’t Manning we would be giving him a lot more credit.

 Im digging for some 49ers stuff.. I got nothing!!



It was great seeing Amani Toomer between quarters. If you have not yet heard my interview with Amani, go to my show page. It was a lot of fun..

Odell is a star and a playmaker. To be honest if it wasn’t for his emergence last season, Coughlin would be out of a job. Odell like Plaxico can just go up and get the ball and every team would love a guy like that.

Touchdown Giants!!! Shane Vareen from Eli manning. Vareen was a great pick up for them and adds stability for the running game. Rashad Jennings has not been healthy for a full season yet and Williams is a solid third down back.


Vareen gives the back field the passing option that fits MacAdoo’s offense. If the defense continues to progress, there is no reason the Giants can’t win this division.



Giants get a field goal to tie it up at three all. Odell Beckham JR. is so quick had a 48 yard pick up before. The kid is a star but I wonder how good he will be when Victor Cruz returns. Victor Cruz seems to only have bad luck so far if any at all.

The one thing I have noticed so far is that the media has forgotten how good Kapernick is. Yes, the Niners have gone through turnover, but Kapernick is still a very good QB. Could run and his arm is still very solid.


Tonight’s crowd I would say solid 85% behind big blue as I see about 15% red out there.



Giants stop the 49ers on 3rd down. Dawson’s 43 yard field goal is good… 3-0 49ers. Reggie Bush was stopped on third for a loss of one. The only people outside of New York happy to see Reggie Bush stopped was the NCAA and Khloe Kardashian.

Quick press room note: Lots of shirts and ties.. next home game I have to step it up a bit.

Jon Beason from the Giants… Yup injured again.. being treated for a concussion ..


Stay tuned!!

8:20pm: Both teams are heading back to the locker room area. National TV game are tough on everybody. Multiple media members agree that it is difficult because we are here so late, usually around 1am or after.

Sellout crowd in the Media Room, and the free Mrs Fields cookies went through the door. I apologize right now for lack of pictures. There is not much happening to document. Post game will be more interesting.

Some more interesting Giants notes:

-The last two Super Bowl runs by the team took place when the New England Patriots were on the regular season schedule.

-Giants record while playing on NBC since 2006 is 10-12

-Eli Manning still has not missed a game through his whole career!!


Both teams taking the field..Be back soon!!!


7:30pm: Fans are entering the Stadium as we speak.. Lets go over some history shall we? The overall regular season record for these two teams is 15-15 lifetime. In the post season is four games a piece. The Giants last win against the 49ers was in 2012.

Eli Manning is 4-2 against the 49ers during the regular season and 1-0 in the playoffs as his counter part Colin Kapernick is 1-1 against New York.  Only five active players remain on the Giants roster from the NFC Championship game against the 49ers three seasons ago (Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, Mark Herzlich, Zak DeOssie, and Prince Amukamara)

For the Giants Robert Ayres Jr., Victor Cruz, Devon Kennard  and George Selvie are all inactive. Vernon Davis is out as I listed in my previous post. 


6:30 Eli Manning is working out on the field right now.. BSP correspondent Jason Leach and I are thinking about going field level to see if we could cause havoc and catch a couple passes. Very tricky as some media members will go and some wont…


Right now in the media room it is feeding time and the meal of the night is Meatloaf. I will stick to my Deli option.. Should have gotten a burger in the parking lot... 


Walked through the parking lot to get the vibe.. and see some friends.. Rodney Hampton was in the parking lot signing autographs for fans for his foundation. As much as I love the idea of raising money for a foundation.. selling it in the parking lot with no organization seems sketchy to me..


Media room is filling up a little bit.. still along ways to go till kick off.. Sorry Niners fans Vernon Davis is out tonight .. I turned down the opportunity to play tight end for them today.. I think that is a win for all..

4:07pm: I arrived to Metlife Stadium around 3:30pm and walked around the parking lot to make some observations. I am fan of the Giants and love watching them every week but some of the tailgaters here at Metlife take it to the extreme. Check out our photo stream and look at the motor home decked out in Big Blue!!

When we arrive to the stadium we go through security and head through the press door up the stairs. I took pictures of the empty pressroom which will be filled in a few hours with some of the NFL’s best writers.


I will check back in shortly!!


10:20am: Game Day morning. Waking up and not rushing to the stadium due to being a night game is a nice perk but also an i nconvenience. I have time to hit the gym and actually have lunch at home. The draw back from a professional sense is that post game news conferences and locker sessions will be brief. Players want to leave and get out after the game not talk to shmos like me.

Another great perk is the availability of doing more research. I am using the morning to dive a little more on the background of the players, not on the Giants but on the 49ers. Back Sports Page loves to dive on the behind the scenes and community side of sports and the 49ers have 11 players with charitable foundations.

Hopefully my research will payoff later in the day…!!

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