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Does ESPN Have Too Large of Presence in the Sports Media Landscape?

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Back Sports Page Question of the Day!!

Does ESPN Have Too Large of Presence in the Sports Media Landscape?

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This week we have multiple Back Sports Page Contributors to give their insights to our questions.  

This week we have former WWE, WCW and TNA Star and current owner of Global Force Wrestling Jeff Jarrett joining our contributors to voice his opinion on this weeks topics.

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Does ESPN Have Too Large of Presence in the Sports Media Landscape?

Scott Thompson (Beast of The East Sports): When ESPN starts hosting the Olympics and every professional final on there respective stations is when you can questions their power in sports media. I think that their presence is something they have worked years to achieve and it is well deserved. 

Ryan Morik (Beast in the East Sports): I don't think ESPN has too big of a presence. They were the first all sports all the time television network; they are a household name. But other programs have come out and have made their own versions of SoortsCenter, debate shows, etc. if you hate that Steph Curry is on 24-7, go turn on the MLB Network. That's what I do.

Ryan Stern(Beyond The Benches): Yes, ESPN has too large of a Presence in the sports media landscape, but part of that is because sports media as a whole would not be anything close to what it is without what ESPN has done.

Jason Leach (Harlem Times):I don't think ESPN has too large of a Presence in the Sports Media Landscape considering they were the first and are the biggest 24/7 sports network. So it's natural for them to have 1 or 2 people from ESPN covering events, and why viewers tune into their shows and podcast

Jeff Jarrett (GFW Wrestling): Absolutely not… It’s a free world and they’ve spent years and billions of dollars to have their presence in the market place… CNN got to the “news place” first just like ESPN… Now, FOX is gaining on ESPN daily… There is room for all of them…

Ashley Mayle(Back Sports Page):ESPN has a tremendous amount of public relations essence in the sports media landscape. The network, with all of its corporate and regional partners have maximized their vice grip on the sports world. ESPN is the center of the universe in the sports world. ESPN has arguably the most influential input into primetime television when it comes to sports; and with influence comes bias. It's public relations presence allows it to stay on top of, promote, and provide coverage of trending topics worldwide such as LeBron James, SEC football, Tim Tebow (an ESPN favorite), and much more. With this, presents the possibility of insiders and sources to leak information before it goes viral (rumors, trade talks, releases and more).

Randy Zellea (Back Sports Page): Oh Boy. ESPN is a great company that is an inavator in the industry. Recently household names like Colin Cowherd and Bill Simmons left the company to go to rivial companies but still if you could make it their you have gained name value.

ESPN has a way of swaying the audience at times with their outspoken anchors and at times slanted views. FOX has made strides as of local markets sport markets but until otherwise..ESPN is the show sadly!

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