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Live Blog: Cowboys-Giants 10/25

on Sunday, 25 October 2015. Posted in Football, In the Business

Live Blog: Cowboys-Giants 10/25

Have you ever wondered what it was like on an NFL game day? How do the announcers prep for the game? What is it like before, during and after the game from the media perspective?  Well be prepared to go behind the curtain of the NFL media center!

Back Sports Page will be taking you inside the Cowboys-Giants as we break down the role of the media on game day. Follow Randy Zellea on Backsportspage.com and all of the BSP social media networks as he will chronicle the media process at MetLife stadium for the Cowboys-Giants game on 10/125.

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6:55pm: Wow.. Cassel has not been touched all day by the Giants Defense. Touchdown Dallas and we are tied. This is turning into a crazy back and fourth game. Can Eli drive the G-Men down the field?  WOW before I could finish … Dwayne Harris!!!! Tied the Longest run back in franchise history 100 yards..Geez!!

By the way do you guys want me in the Giants or Cowboys locker room after the game?

 6:41pm Things happen in three. Cassel who was almost perfect in the first half now has been picked off for the 3rd time in the second half. Crowd is in it and the Cowboys might be finally out of it. There was a reason why Cassel was available this late in the season.

6:30: Drive stalled for the Giants.  Great Catch by Randle who almost went the distance and another great run by Vareen. After a four and a half minute drive the Giants get three more on the board making it a seven point game.

I hate that Coughlin plays it safe inside the 20’s. It always is a run and you end up with third and longs. Kills momentum and leaves you with field goals instead of touchdowns. Robert Ayers Jr is being evaluated for a concussion.

6:20pm: Things are starting to unravel for the Cowboys. Cassel now has been picked off twice. I think the momentum is shifting a score for the Giants here might put it away. Stay tuned..

 How am I doing everyone?

6:12pm: Interception!! Touchdown  Rodgers-Cromartie out of nowhere. I was thinking that Cassel had the best half since he was a Patriot. His first half numbers were 11-16 for 123 yards. Eli was 8-17 104 yards.

The interception has woken the crowd up as well and got them back in the game for what I have seen. 17-13 as we speak. Joseph Randle has been downgraded to doubtful for a return for Dallas.

5:45: Dallas holds the Giants to three. Interesting drive as the interception that wasn’t and the holding call that wasn’t on Dallas keeps it interesting as we have about a minute left in the half. See everyone on the tail end of halftime.   

5:30pm: Wow Jason Witten is Mr. Reliable. I have never seen a guy have more clutch passes then him. Cassel has been playing very well for Dallas and is leading this team right down the field. I expect Brandon Weeden to be released when Romo returns.

Dallas Touchdown for McFadden, Giants trail 13-7 with 2:17 remaining in the first half. This was 6 plays with three penalties 72 yards in 3:19. Giants are struggling.


5:15pm: General consensus in the Media Room was that was a phantom pass interference call. They get three instead of seven.  Giants lucked out there. Darkwa rushed for 41 yards on the last scoring drive. Both teams look a little flat.


Quick side note.. I asked Dallas officials when Romo is coming back, the answer was not timetable set yet. Dez Bryant most likely next week.


5:04pm: Giants Touchdown!!  Orleans Darkwa ?? If you had him on your fantasy team raise your hand. Giants lead cowboys 7-3 with 11:02 in Qtr number two. Seven plays, 79 yards in 3:05 Giants put it on the board. 


4:50pm: First quarter observations, Giants in general look like crap. Eli looks like crap so far and out of sync. For Dallas Joseph Randle’s return is probable and the rest of the Cowboys are looking ok, Cassel doesn’t seem to look like this is his first start with the team.


Giants fans want to be in this game, only the Giants are holding them back. Be back soon!! 



4:40pm: Dallas scores first 11plays 68 yards for a field goal. Giants defense gave up a lot early on that drive. Cowboys settled for a field goal after a few close shots.

I don’t understand the hype on Dallas right now when fully healthy. You lost an MVP candidate in Murray, and now injuries are ripping your team apart. The line that is hyped so high I have not seen anything from the defense to be nervous about.


Giants did nothing on the last drive..


4:34: If you are a Giants fan you hope for as many wins as you can so the Dallas doesn’t over pass you when Romo returns…Cowboys Driving as we speak. 


4:18pm: Getting ready for game time and the anthem.  This is personally very exciting for me as I do feel this is the best rivalry in football and I get to watch the game, eat food and then talk with guys who are involved with it. Kick off soon!! 

 3:25pm- More Stats:

-Dallas QB Matt Cassel has only played against the Cowboys one time and that was in ’09 with KC and he was 15/32 for 127 yards with 1 TD.


-Eli Manning is 10-12VS Dallas and is 33-10 all time in October for his career.

2:57pm: Lets go over some Pre Game Notes and Fun Stats shall we?

-Cowboys and the Giants have only played each other once in the Playoffs: The 2007 NFC Divisional Playoff Game!!

-Cowboys have won 5 in a row against the Giants

-Dallas leads the all time series lead against the Giants 62-43-2

-Tom Coughlin needs one win to join Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Owen as the only head coaches in franchise history to reach 100 regular season wins

-Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett spent four seasons as a back up QB for the Giants (2000-2003

-Tom Coughlin’s record against the Cowboys is 12-13(1-0 playoffs) and 1-3 vs Jason Garrett as the coach of the cowboys


I will be Back with an Injury Report!!


2:02pm-The Hidden gem of the media room.. Mrs. Fields cookies are available, FOR FREE. I average two a game..Next update will Have Injury reports for the game.. 

1:35pm: While waiting for the elevator saw every possible worker who could work for met life walk by me, then had Troy Aikman stand next to me in the elevator and I couldn’t even say hello to him. I grew up a Giants fan but couldn’t help but admire the type of player Troy was. Always wanted to talk/interview him and I failed on that one.  #epicfail  

1:15pm- Arrived early for parking purposes and walked around the stadium.  As always great atmosphere and with fun had by all with tailgates. I noticed a large amount of Dallas fans, more then the Niners contingent from two weeks ago. I guess they are America’s team for a reason.

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