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Breaking Down The Top Contenders For The WWE Titlel!!

Written by Randy Zellea on Sunday, 08 November 2015. Posted in Randy Zellea, Wrestling

Breaking Down the Field of Survivor Series!!

Breaking Down The Top Contenders For The WWE Titlel!!

With WWE Champion Seth Rollins going down with injury, The company has shifted the focus of the upcoming Survivor Series which was featuring 25 years of the Undertaker, now will focus on who will be crowned the new WWE champion. This is the third tournament to decide who will be champion in the WWE.

The first was won by Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 4 when he outlasted 13 other men including Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant to become champion. The Second was the Rock at Survivor Series 1998 as he joined Vince and Shane McMahon to join the corporation. 

With Rollins now out of the picture, the opportunity to crown a new champion and refresh the roster is now upon us. Will there be a swerve like in 1998 or an underdog winner like in 1988. With the roster filled with hungry talented performers the field is now wide open.

I have decided to take a look at in my top ten candidates to fill the role of champion. Noticeably absent from the list are Chris Jericho (who has been part time on house shows), Big Show and Kane (who are big guys who are close to the end of their run), Sting (who is now looked at as a myth in WWE, not a legend) and Dolph Ziggler(has received the big belt but has suffered injuries with every opportunity). These are guys who are worthy of it but are not really going to be looked at for this opportunity.

Roman Reigns: Ah yes, WWE’s choice to headline Wrestlemania last year. The problem was Reigns lost momentum after his injury and his success felt forced going into the big dance at Mania against Lesnar.  To his credit he played the game and worked hard to get respect from the WWE Universe.

He is not an overwhelming fan favorite as he still gets mixed reaction from the crowd. I think he is the odds on favorite to win the tournament at Survivor Series but I still feel he needs to have that adversity to gain all of the fans respect. He may not be it on TV, but he is the office’s corporate champion. A heel turn with him joining the Authority would take him a long way and help give other faces opportunity to make him look better.

Dean Ambrose: Fans Love him but his character has become a little stale. Dean has become the sidekick to Roman as of late so something new could be good for him.

Look for him to either turn heel or have him loose to Reigns in the tournament. Ambrose is awesome as he could talk and reminds me the most of Roddy Piper from back of the day. He needs the opportunity to work with a heel that puts the focus on him not part of another story.

Bray Wyatt: If there is a current performer who can talk a crowd into the arena it is Bray Wyatt. He has the aura of Jake Roberts where he doesn’t need a title for him to be relevant. I love the fact that he is like the Joker from the Dark Knight. He doesn’t have the reason for chaos, just likes to see it.

I don’t think it is really a necessary for him to win as a belt won’t make or break him. I would like to see him recruit his brother for the Wyatt family. Otherwise Bray is an amazing guy that doesn’t need to be in the ring every week because it takes away from him being special

John Cena: Still can’t deny John Cena’s reaction with the crowd. Cena’s run surpasses Hogan’s through the 80’s and early 90’s. Love or Hate him Cena’s next run would gain him a tie with Ric Flair as the most World Title reigns in wrestling history.

This has been a great year for Cena. He has made the US title relevant again and has worked with multiple talent that we usually have not seen him against. The US Open Challenge has been one of the highlights for Raw each and every week and as it not only helped the character of Cena but has proven that he could bring it with anybody no matter what their style.  He is a long shot to be in the tournament but wouldn’t mind him winning at all.

Sheamus: Another head scratcher to me. OK, yes we know he looks stupid with his current look but if there is one guy who is trying way too hard to be a bad guy its Sheamus. His rivalries with Orton and Ziggler felt a little underwhelming to me and I never felt I was looking forward to his TV segments.

They gave him the briefcase which means they have or had something planed for him. The reaction from the crowd of late makes me wonder if people care anymore. He will not win the tournament but might cash in on the winner and join the authority. Just a guess he is on the list because of the case.

Brock Lesnar: Tough one. I originally hated the idea of having a part time champion but it grew on me. It made Lesnar that much more special to watch. I think by not having the champion on the show draws positives and negatives.

The Negative is that your main attraction is not featured every week and will not be available during the lower level PPV/Network Specials. You would be asking guys to carry a feud with a guy who is never there. Not sure if it is best for business.

The positive is that it gives the company the air time to develop more stars and give guys the ability to get over. They have been down this road before, not sure they are ready for it again.

Triple H:The Game getting the belt would be a great idea. I think having him walk around with the belt as the authority would only build him heat and make him the top target. I do not like seeing the title defended every week and having the belt on Triple H would guarantee that would not happen.

Wrestlemania was supposed to feature Seth Rollins vs. Triple H but now that has been taken off the table. The chances of Triple H having the title if he faces the Rock would be highly unlikely. Look for “The Game” to be out of the championship equation.

Cesaro: When Vince doesn’t believe in someone he really doesn’t give them that chance. I wish the fans would rally behind Cesaro like they did Daniel Bryan a few years back because he is the real deal. Cesaro is one of the last guys who went through the Independents and had the ability to get himself over.

 The crowd loves his in the ring ability but the problem is that he struggles with the microphone. The office attempted to put Paul Heyman with him last year but the duo didn’t mesh well. I would recommend William Regal as his manager as he has the right mic skills for the job and the style would mesh. My personal choice because you need to have a guy who could not only make others look good but get himself over as well. He has all the tools…Just needs the chance.

Daniel Bryan: It’s a long shot but he is that good. I’m afraid the brass wouldn’t give him another shot because of his injury history. I love his work ethic and how much passion he has for the business. Like Cesaro, Daniel gets over everywhere he performs and deserves one more chance at the brass ring.

Kevin Owens: He is going to be champion at some point or another but not yet. I think he will turn babyface before he gets the opportunity at the big belt. He is so good but I think he needs t have that one feud that establishes him like Austin had with Bret Hart.

I think that he is that good and he can do so many things in the ring for a guy his size. If you never seen him in ROH and or the Independents go on YouTube and check him out as Kevin Steen. I think he has the potential if used right to be the top guy in this business.

Well there is it is!! Let me know your thoughts about Survivor Series by leaving comments below. Did I leave anyone off the list or am I totally of off on the people I listed. Feel free to let your opinion be seen!!

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