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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the NBA Off Season: The Top Three of Each Category!!

Written by Randy Zellea on Wednesday, 05 August 2015. Posted in Commentary, Randy Zellea, Basketball

Looking Back At The Crazy Off Season!!

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the NBA Off Season: The Top Three of Each Category!!

The NBA Draft is the unofficial start of the new NBA season and so far the new season has been full of excitement. Free agency was filled with twists, turns and deception (did I use that word in the sports world?) and excitement. Players moved, Players stayed and now with the movement done let’s take a quick look back at the Good Bad and Ugly of the NBA Offseason. 

The Good:

Reloading the Spurs: The Spurs are never rebuilding, just reloading. Signing LeMarcus Aldridge and having him learn from Tim Duncan is similar to what Duncan had with David Robinson, All Star caliber player teaching a young lion how to win. With the addition of David West and locking up Danny Green, Kahwi Lenard and Manu Ginobili the Spurs are the hands down favorite to be in the Western Finals.

      Stars Staying put-We live in a time where going to another team for more money is the thing to do. I guess Kevin Love, Marc Gasol, Jimmy Butler, Brook Lopez, Paul Milsap and others didn’t get that memo. All the players listed above resigned with their current teams.  If any of the main names from left their teams, it would be ugly with all of turnover.

     Turning on the (Miami)Heat: After being in the NBA final against the Spurs in the 2014 NBA finals, The Heat found themselves on the outside looking in as Miami suffered injuries to key players and roster turnover after the departure of LeBron James.  With a healthy Chris Bosh, a resigned Dwayne Wade, Luol Deng, Goran Dragic, and depth in the roster, The Miami Heat seems to be back in the hunt with the Cavs and the Bulls as the class of the East.

      The Bad-

      The Handling of Tibbs in Chicago- I really feel that some guys deserve better. Tibbs is one of them. All he did in Chicago was win and he gets showed the door and was made sure he wouldn’t coach again this year. The Bulls are a proud and successful franchise but are terrible at change...The divorce between Phil Jackson and Chicago sort of felt like this. Without the championships of court.

     The Nets and Deron Williams Part Ways- This was not a good match from the start. D-Will was never really the right fit and the guy the Nets organization needed to lead the team to the promise land. Nothing against D-Will but Nets fans had been accustom to a pass first point guard. Not a 1-4 offense. D-Will who now will play with the Mavs eventually got his wish and went home three years later. Maybe he should have gone there to start.

      Changes in OKC-The perception of the OKC Thunder is one of genius on how they had a home grown team with Westbrook and Durant. The success of the franchise had Scott Brooks stirring the team to an NBA finals appearance and multiple playoff appearances up until last season. After an injury plagued season Brooks was replaced. I am not questioning Billy Donavon, but Brooks had pulled the wagon and like Tibbs deserved a better exit then the one he was shown in OKC.

 The Ugly:

DeAndre Jordan and the Mavs- I had never seen a more ridicules situation develop then this. DeAndre Jordan showed lack of maturity by not stepping up to tell the Mavs he changed his mind. I am not mad of his going back to the Clippers, he didn’t sign with Dallas. The lack of maturity is what really struck a chord with me. The Mavs will bounce back after being infected with the Rondo disease from last season, but Dallas comes out looking like the victim in this situation. This situation started to raise questions on the July 1st –July 7th negotiation window the league has before signing a player. This is not over folks.

The Sacramento Kings- This would be an amazing reality show. Let us put George Karl, DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo together and just watch. I feel this could be more successful than people think. Rondo knows that his head is on the chopping block and will do whatever he could to make this opportunity work. Cousins wants out and the Kings are not only holding him, but the roster hostage. When the basketball people have a hard time being on the same page as management it might as well be hell in a hand basket... chaos will ensue.

      The Lakers and Knicks Strike out in Free Agency-Two of the biggest markets in all of Sports cannot draw the interest of the top tier available free agents. What the hell happened here?  Remember the days when people wanted to be part of the Showtime Lakers?  How about wanting to play under the big lights of MSG? Not anymore. This has proved that you don’t need to be in the major market to be a star and get endorsements. A lot of tough days ahead for these fallen franchises.











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