Real Sports Talk Radio:Jay Paterno

Written by Randy Zellea, Katie Hutchinson on Sunday, 23 November 2014. Posted in College Football, Off Topic with Steve Spanop with Randy Zellea, Web Shows

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Real Sports Talk Radio:Jay Paterno

Big Annoucment Tiime:

Real Sports Talk Radio gets real this week as Randy Zellea and special guest host Katie Hutchinson welcome Jay Paterno the son of the legendary Penn State Coach Joe Paterno on the show. Jay will discuss his new book The Paterno Legacy:Enduring Lessons from the Life and Death of My Father, as well as reflecting back on the situation that rocked the sports world, his current projects and much more

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Listen to the show live on the 11/25 by Clicking Here 930pm est Show Time!!

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Randy Zellea

Randy Zellea

Randy's background in sports communication was established in 2003 while interning with the New Jersey Nets during their second run to the NBA Finals.  After the internship, Randy worked with the NBA as an assistant editor as well as working game nights with the Nets.  Randy moved on to create a ‘Community and Public Relations’ department for the now-defunct New Jersey Skycats pro basketball team.  After stints with local Florida sports stations, Randy started writing with to cover the world of the NBA. Randy also started writing for The Green Magazine, a golfing magazine based out of New York City.

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Katie Hutchinson

Katie Hutchinson

Katie Hutchinson is a bartender with a flair for writing. A Baltimorean who bleeds purple 365 days a year, but also loves the other muscle on Russell, the Orioles! Katie is “so Baltimore” that it’s hard to believe she ever left her beautiful state full of crabs, beer, and football! At the ripe age of 18 she left for NYC to pursue her big dreams in an even bigger city.

She attended St. John’s University in Queens studying Communications and Journalism and interned at Entertainment Tonight. Since $50 doesn’t seem to get you very far in NYC, Katie worked those 5 years making money in the service industry at restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and alas the bartender was born. Upon her return to Baltimore in 2010, she started a career in real estate management, social media and marketing but she still yearned to be back behind the bar. She got a job at a dive bar in Fells Point that was later featured on an episode of Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue”.

These days, she does a little bit of everything, including writing about her beloved Ravens and catching a game whenever possible. She also likes to tweet and blog about anything and everything related to Baltimore, cooking, health and cocktails. In whatever little free time she has, she enjoys long walks on the beach, happy hours, her Pug and Peke, Sunday-brunching (bottomless of course!) and staying at home with a $5 Little Caesars Pizza and a Redbox.

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