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Timmy Dimas

Timmy Dimas

Tim Dimas is a Journalism major at St. John's University, Class of 2013. He currently covers St. John's Basketball for RumbleInTheGarden.com, an unofficial website for Red Storm information. As a member of Back Sports Page, Tim covers Major League Baseball.

Life Without Albert Pujols

Written by Timmy Dimas on Friday, 01 July 2011.

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Life Without Albert Pujols

In fourteen games thus far without Albert Pujols, the St. Louis Cardinals have lost half of those contests. While that number may make you think Pujols is being missed it doesn’t truly reflect what’s going on with the Cardinals.

How to Improve MLB

Written by Timmy Dimas on Friday, 08 July 2011.


There are three things in Major League Baseball that need to be addressed.

The first thing that needs to be addressed is All-Star selection.

Alex Rodriguez Becoming A-Waste?

Written by Timmy Dimas on Wednesday, 31 August 2011.

Alex Rodriguez Becoming A-Waste?

In 2007, it probably was the most sensible move the New York Yankees could make. Sign Alex Rodriguez to the richest contract in baseball history because of the type of player he was, one of a kind.

4 years later, the decision looks shaky. 275 million dollars over 10 years for a guy who was 32 when he signed his contract and would be 42 by the time the contract ended. Can Rodriguez really hit 30+ homers at the age of 42? Not something that many would bet on but the Yankees did and now are dealing with the issues at hand.

Over the past couple years, Rodriguez has dealt with lingering hip injuries and is now having issues with his hip, which is definitely a cause for concern for the Yankees. As of late, Rodriguez has been dealing with a grade 1 thumb injury, which is keeping him limited--something the Yankees can’t really afford to do. With only a month left in the season and being behind a very deep Boston Red Sox team, the Yankees need their 30 million dollar man on the field.

There is no question: when Rodriguez is at full strength, he is a threat. Even at 80%, he is dangerous to any team he faces but he is no good to the team if he remains on the bench.

Rodriguez is, of course, chasing the home run record and currently sits at 626 total home runs. There are clauses in his contract which will pay him more money as he gets closer to the record but the question should be raised, can he actually reach the record, which sits at 762, and surpass it?

The Yankees signed Alex Rodriguez with the thought that he would be able to produce night in and night out, as well as wanting him to break the home run record in a pin-stripe uniform. There isn’t a doubt that he can still do it but the Yankees are sitting on a lot of ifs, ands, and buts for a man they invested 30 million dollars in for another 6 years.

Verlander for MVP

Written by Timmy Dimas on Monday, 26 September 2011.

Verlander for MVP

With the season nearing its end, talk of MVP becomes a hot topic.

One person that needs to be discussed can not only capture the MVP but also the CY Young; that person is Justin Verlander.