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Back Sports Page Question of the Day 11/24

on Tuesday, 24 November 2015. Posted in Back Sport s Page Question Of The Day!, MMA

Are you interested in watching Ronda Rousey chase Holly Holms for the title?

Back Sports Page Question of the Day 11/24

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This week we have multiple Back Sports Page Contributors to give their insights to our questions.  

Are you interested in watching Ronda Rousey chase Holly Holms for the title?

Jason Leach (Harlem Times): Yes, it always interesting to see the face of a sport (Rousey) lose and to see if she can regain the title. Being that Holm is such a great striker and Rousey has film projects for 2016, I doubt Rousey can defeat Holm

Ryan Morik (Beast of the East Sports): I'm not necessarily interested in watching the chase for the trophy, but I definitely will be watching the fight, if there is a rematch. Ronda Rousey is one of the most exciting athletes in the world, and history is made every time she's in the octagon, even though fighting has become a less-popular sport over the years. Whether I will pay for the pay-per-view is a different story, however.

Todd Strauber (Back Sports Page): Ronda Rousey is just unlucky. They built her up too big and the fall was always going to be terrible. I feel bad more than anything for her.

 JD Mowery (Back Sports Page):I think that this is what the women's division in the UFC needed to really take off.  Although I am not taking anything from Rhonda's abilities, but now there is some actual competition.  It will also allow for more female fighters to feel that it is actually possible to succeed within the UFC. 

Steve Saunders (Back Sports Page): Absolutely. If watching a champion get beaten is one of the most compelling aspects of sport, watching their redemption and/or revenge is even better. Both Holm and Rousey are incredible athletes and I would love to see how Ronda prepares for and approaches a rematch.

Nicole Monique (That's What She Said Sports):"I’m more interested in seeing what Holly Holms is going to do next.  Holly deserves all the praise and accolades that she is getting now – she beat down Ronda fair and square.  I just hope she becomes a true people’s champion and not some obnoxious chick who doesn’t appreciate what she has like the former champ…..

Ashley Mayle (Back Sports Page): From a consumer perspective I would be interested in watching Ronda Rousey chase Holly Holms for the title, because I love a "good" rematch. But if I was Ronda I would not have any confidence that I could change the outcome in a possible rematch. Rousey came into that fight with no plan other than the same plan of attack she has used with all of her opponents; charge, in a raid of fists which usually leads to a quick victory.  The striking difference between  Rousey and Holms was preparation. Holms came into that fight with a plan and implemented it. She kept space, distance, and patience were the cornerstones of her knockout victory.

Matt Berka (Back Sports Page): I’m not. The draw of Rousey was her absolute, unquestionable dominance. The fight was never Rousey vs. Holm (or whoever else), but Rousey vs. whoever stood in her way to notching another legacy-sealing victory. The league and the media made her into a sort of god that was destined to become the G.O.A.T. And not just in fighting, but across sports as a whole. People were arguing that an athlete has never been so dominant in his or her sport and it was only a matter of time until she surpassed all the greats: Jordan, Brady, and Woods alike. But, as we all know, that potential was bent if not broken when Rousey lost in a jarring fashion to Holly Holm. The reason I’m not interested in watching Rousey chase the title back is because it’s not nearly as exciting. I’m not watching Rousey on the same pursuit. If I was more than a casual MMA fan, sure, I’d watch, but I’m not. Watching her try and recapture what she once had pales in comparison to watching her defend the unbeaten record and untouchable status. That’s the reason there was so much buzz about the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight and clamored-for rematch (and why I would watch that one): Mayweather didn’t lose, and we want to see if he can. We know Rousey can lose, and if she loses to Holm again, she will be edging irrelevance and totally failed expectations, which *no one* wants to see.

Randy Zellea (Back Sports Page): DOWN GOES TYSON!! I am casual UFC fan. I have been a follower of the dominance of Ronda Rousey and amazed by her popularity. I compare it to Tyson as it was must see TV when he faught. When she went down I consider it similar to Tyson going down.

Obviously the true MMA/UFC fans break it down where it was not much of a shock of a loss. Though the casual fan takes is as a huge blow that the face of the organization went down and went down hard. I think a rematch will be interesting to watch from a marketing perspective.

You can’t market her as the unbeatable badass anymore because well she was beaten. Now let us see if she could make the chase for the title more interesting than her previous fights




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