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Coach Rich Ruenzi

Coach Rich Ruenzi

Rich Ruenzi - Rich was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio where he currently resides with his wife and dogs.  In his youth, Rich played many sports but soccer was always his favorite.  He attended Ohio University and spent the majority of his career in the construction industry eventually owing a small commercial painting and light construction company.  However, he has always loved dogs so last year, he closed his company to become a sales rep in the pet industry.  

Rich has been a fan of MMA long before it was even called MMA.  He watched the first UFC and was instantly hooked.  "About the only thing which can compare to seeing a great knock out or a slick submission is watching the Buckeyes beat that team from up north."  Yes, Rich is also an avid Ohio State fan.  

"I have no intentions of becoming a full time professional writer or journalist.  I just love MMA and writing for people who feel the same about it.  I don't consider myself an insider or expert.  I've just been following this since day one so by default, I know a little more about it than the typical fan.  My sincerest hope for my articles is that they feel like a conversation you might strike up with the guy sitting on the bar stool next to you who has maybe been following the sport a little longer."