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  • BSP 2016 Highlights:The NFL

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    BSP 2016 Highlights:The NFL

    Author Danielle McCartan Eric Webb Matt Berkson Nicole Monique Scott Thompson

    What makes a great sports year? Do we define a sports year when the unthinkable becomes reality? When we say goodbye to greatness? Do we define the world of sports with the motto “anything could happen”? As we turn the page on 2016 in to 2017, the contributors of Back Sports Page look back at the year that was 2016 with their highlights and memories. Today we start with the NFL:

  • Players React to Ryan Rumors in Buffalo

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    Players React to Ryan Rumors in Buffalo

    Rex On The Hot Seat!!

    Author Bill Keagle

    Going into Week 16, the Buffalo Bills have a small chance of making the playoffs. Although not mathematically eliminated, it hasn’t stopped the rumors swirling about the future of the Head Coach Rex Ryan. Ownership hasn’t come out and said one way or another but players have voiced their opinions on the rumors:

  • Giants-Lions Post Game Reaction

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    Giants-Lions Post Game Reaction

    Comments from Both Teams

    Author Randy Zellea

    We have post game reaction from the Giants 17-6 win over the Lions. We have comments from Coach McAdoo, Victor Cruz, Eli Manning, Jonathan Cassilias, Landon Collins, Leon Hall, DRC, Damien Harrison, Justin Pugh from the Giants.

    We also have comments from Matthew Stafford Coach Caldwell, Golden Tate, Zach Zenner, and Glover Quinn from the lions discussing the loss.

  • Big Blue Report: Taming the Lions

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    Big Blue Report: Taming the Lions

    Looking to the Final Home Game of the Season!!

    Author Randy Zellea

    Looking Back Against the Cowboys:

    The fans of the Giants understood why Jerry Reese put as much attention in the defenses during the offseason as he did. The defense forced three turnovers and held the Cowboys to seven points. Giants Head Coach Ben McAdoo was happy with the team’s effort: “What we did well, tremendous effort by the defense all night. We stayed in the moment the entire 60 minutes of the ball game. I really thought we put our foot down in the second half of the game. We tackled fundamentally sound. We held the offense to seven points, minimized explosive gains and forced turnovers. What we need to work on, we need to keep them under 100 yards rushing and keep them out of field goal range at the end of the first half.”


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Big Blue Report: Week 11 !

Written by Randy Zellea on Thursday, 17 November 2016. Posted in Football

Poking The Bear

Big Blue Report: Week 11 !

After a big win over the Bengals on Monday Night Football, the Giants get ready to welcome in Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears to Metlife Stadium . The Bears were the victorious in their last meeting against the Giants in 2013 27-21 in Chicago.

Times have changed for both teams as the Giants currently have a four game win streak while the Bears search for answers during another tough losing season. The Bears have had success against the Giants as they lead the all time regular season series against New York 28-19-2 and a playoff record of 5-3.

As the Bears come to New York, their head coach John Fox comes back to his old stomping ground as he was the defensive coordinator for the Giants for a five year stint. John Fox spoke with the New York Media on Tuesday and reflected on his time with the Giants and his last trip to NY. “Unfortunately, my last trip up there was the Super Bowl and that didn’t go very well. But I do look forward to getting back. I have great respect for the Giants organization and ownership, the coaches. I have remained close friends with Tom Coughlin for many, many years, the Mara family, the Tisch family and Ronnie Barnes who has been a staple there for some time. You form a lot of great friendships and those are people that I have a great respect for, even the writers there.”

An Interesting side story for the game is Robbie Gould. The former Bears Kicker signed on with the Giants after the situation with Josh Brown hits climax. Coach Fox discussed having to release Gould: “It was very tough. He is a guy that has been here for a long time. I think he is probably one of the few remaining guys from the ‘06 Super Bowl team. He is very experienced, a leader in the locker room, voted a captain, so those decisions are never easy.”

Gould had mixed emotions about playing for his old team. “It is not too often that you get to play against a team that you have played for, for so long, but I have a lot of respect for those guys in that locker room and I know how talented they are. Their record does not obviously show the type of team that they are, so we can’t take them easy, and it is going to be a fun game. I think it will be a good game. I think they will be ready to play. I saw that Pernell McPhee already is excited to play against Eli Manning. You have got to love Pernell. I love him. He is one of my favorite teammates of all time.”

Giants will host the Bears at Metlife Stadium at 1pm on Sunday.

Odell Watch 2016

Odell Beckham had another monster game as he had 10 catches for 97 yards and one touchdown. Afterwards Odell discussed the excitement of playing on Monday Night.” I had to walk out there before the game started because I don’t remember the last time I played at Met Life and the lights were that bright. But you just know the situation at hand. Regardless of the situation at hand, if it was a Sunday game at 1 o’clock, it was still a game that we needed to win, so we pretty much did anything that we had to do to get it and we came out on top.”

Manning Up

Another solid game for Eli Manning as he was 28 for 44 with three touchdown passes. After the game Eli's spoke about how grateful he was to see Tom Coughlin inducted in to the Giants Ring of Honor on Monday night. "I didn’t think I would get the opportunity to see it live, so I was very fortunate that he got up there and I got to hear Coach Coughlin talk and I was just imagining what he’d be doing on the sideline if someone was up there at halftime going over the limit. He’d be going crazy on the sideline, but I guess we can’t fine him anymore for being late so we’ll give him an exception this time.”

As far as the quick turnaround against the struggling Bears this Sunday, Eli stated that it wont be that easy.“ I see a good defensive front and a good defensive line. They’re getting a lot of sacks. Quarterbacks are having to move in the pocket a bunch. They do a good job of throwing the quarterbacks off rhythm. They’ve played good defensively all year. They have a good plan. We’ve got to make sure we’re sharp. It’s going to be a tough game. We have to prepare for that, go out there on a short week and make sure we’re preparing well. Everyone is learning the game plan. Today we had a walk through. Tomorrow is our one full speed practice and we have to take advantage of it.”

About the Author

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Randy Zellea

Randy Zellea

Randy's background in sports communication was established in 2003 while interning with the New Jersey Nets during their second run to the NBA Finals.  After the internship, Randy worked with the NBA as an assistant editor as well as working game nights with the Nets.  Randy moved on to create a ‘Community and Public Relations’ department for the now-defunct New Jersey Skycats pro basketball team.  After stints with local Florida sports stations, Randy started writing with InsideHoops.com to cover the world of the NBA. Randy also started writing for The Green Magazine, a golfing magazine based out of New York City.

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