That"s What She Said Sports December/02/2016

Written by Nicole Monique on Thursday, 01 December 2016. Posted in That's What She Said Sports


Nicole Monique the host of That’s What SHE Said sports brings her unique take on the latest sports news - a splash of humor and a pinch of thought provoking commentary. This week Nicole welcomes Emmanuel Glaze and Maceo Heard from the hottest sports shows in Atlanta and beyond The Crush Sports Talk Show.

Some NFL talk (how about dem Cowboys?) some college football (who do they want to see in the National Championship) and of course a little NBA (Are they surprised by the Warriors)

Sit back relax and have fun with Nicole and the guys from The Crush Sports Talk Show.

About the Author

Nicole Monique

That's What SHE Said Sports is a dream come true. When Nicole was little she wanted to be an actress, win the Heisman Trophy and be a Quarterback in the NFL. Over the years the dream changed (she didn't get the Heisman) but she stayed true to what she loved - writing, radio, TV and sports. When she decided to go back to school to get her MBA she knew it was time for "Sports talk Her way!"

Created in January 2012 and launched in May 2012 - That's What SHE Said Sports gives Nicole the opportunity to do a sports show the way she has always wanted combining sports, pop culture, interviews and feature stories. It has also created a platform for Nicole to highlight those who don't always get the attention they deserve like female athletes or women in sports who are making a difference.

The That's What SHE Said Sports podcast kicked off in January 2013 bringing you what's hot in sports, pop culture and her signature BEASTS and BUSTERS of the week and having fun because at the end of the day she's just a regular sports fans. NICOLE has been on ESPN 3 and featured on CNN's HLN Weekend Express to discuss women and the Super Bowl ; she's also had shows on AM 1100 and 920 the Answer in Atlanta.

Nicole can now be heard weekly on various platforms such as her website, Twitter, Facebook along with Back Sports Page, and SoundCloud. SO what's next? The sky's the limit and "That's What SHE Said!"

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